PTA | Leiyah Interview

Leiyah joins Pass The Aux for vibrant, insightful interview

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Having recently released her new single ‘Reasons’, the wonderful songstress Leiyah decided to sit down with Pass The Aux for a thrilling interview. With some of her family working in the industry back in the day, music has always been in Leiyah’s DNA. She’s always had a creative outlook on life which is reflected in her songs and unique experiences.

From touching on some fascinating stories of her experiences in the music world to discussing the creation of ‘Reasons’ while also talking about artists she admires and would love to work with someday. Leiyah’s lovely personality just can’t help but make you want to see her win.

When asked if she has a potential new project on the way, Leiyah gave a very intriguing response… Make sure you tap into the full Leiyah Pass The Aux interview below to find out her plans on that, plus much more!

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