Drake X 21 Savage – Her Loss | Album

OVO Drizzy is in Savage Mode! As Drake and 21 Savage join forces to release their highly anticipated joint album “Her Loss”.

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What happens when two of the hottest rappers in the game link up together for a project? Well, now we’ve officially f*cked around and found out. Drake & 21 Savage’s new joint project “Her Loss” is out and we’ve got a lot to dig into.

First of all, “Her Loss” very much feels like a Drake album with 21 Savage features. Although 21 kills every verse he has with a couple of Quotables that are already making their rounds on Twitter. His presence definitely could have been felt more on the album. However, Drake does a great job of giving the listeners what they came for.

The content in ‘Her Loss’ shows Drake’s toxicity levels at an all-time high. Drake isn’t just rapping to a very high level on songs such as “Middle of the Ocean” which is a standout track due to Drake being in his bag with the bars, cadence, and production which sounds absolutely heavenly with the use of a beat switch to a sampled AZ “Mo Money Mo Murder (Homicide)”. He’s also throwing shots at notable people and even brands throughout the project.

On “Circo Loco” Drake raps “Linking with the opps, btch I did that sht for J Prince. B*tch, I did it for the mob ties”. This is eluding to Drake meeting up with Kanye West last year after their beef, which resulted in an awkward picture, and them doing a live show together. This line shows Drake never really squashed his beef with Kanye, even though Kanye has gone out of his way to praise Drake in almost every interview he’s done in recent times. It also shows that J Prince has the power to make grown men do things they don’t want to do, which is very sad.

If those lines weren’t enough to stir up some controversy. In the same track Drake raps “This b*tch lie ’bout getting shot, but she still a stallion”. If you’re putting 2 and 2 together, you will instantly know this line about Megan Thee Stallion. This one blindsided me I’m not going to lie. Drake & Tory themselves don’t have the best past, even though they are both from Toronto and are cool with each other now. Drake publicly speaking on the shooting situation while it’s still an open case is very surprising. If you think Tory is innocent, you’ll love this bar. But if you think he’s guilty and shot Meg you’ll despise it. There’s no middle ground here.

Drake also appears to go at Ice Spice on “Backoutsideboyz”. He says “She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah (is good to mute, shh)”. This line is hilarious because it’s so petty, and it’s a common phrase used by people when an attractive artist’s music is terrible. Drake followed and DMed Ice Spice a while ago but recently unfollowed her with many speculating that something did or did not happen between them which caused Drake to stop wasting his time and pretending that he thought her music was good. But hey just like Ice Spice said in her reply to the line, at least he said she’s a 10.

There are more shots thrown at a few people and the Adidas brand too, as Drake recently penned a deal with Nike. This is the spiciest version of Drake we’ve seen in a very long time. The fact that we didn’t see this much pernicious energy on “What A Time To Be Alive” with Future from him is wild.

There’s only one feature on this album, and that comes in the form of Travis Scott on “Pussy & Millions” with 21 Savage. 21’s best moments on the album come on “Broke Boys” the wordplay in his verse is absolutely fire, and Drake delivers an elite hook for the track. 21 also shines on his solo song on the project “3AM On Glenwood”. We get to hear a very mature sounding 21 Savage reflecting on his life. The calming, smooth beat gives you a late-night driving around, reminiscing type of vibe. Hearing 21 rap like this is a breath of fresh air, which is exactly why it would have been great to hear him have more verses and songs on the album.

Overall “Her Loss” definitely delivered on the hype that was promised when we first heard that the joint project was going to happen. We haven’t heard Drake consistently rap to this level on an album in a while, and the beat selection was 100% on point. Even though it would have been nice to hear more from 21 Savage, every time we do hear from him he makes us really feel what he’s saying.

I don’t know who hurt Drake to get him rapping like this again, but I’d like to say thank you to whoever you are. Your services are very much appreciated. Drake may have been a certified lover boy, but honestly never mind, because it’s her loss.

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