PTA | Indigo Marshall Interview

Rising Birmingham R&B star Indigo Marshall sits down with PassTheAux.

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Fresh off her new “The Fall” EP, Indigo Marshall joined us here on PassTheAux for a little talk. She touches on the process of creating her wonderful debut EP project and how everything came together. While also sharing her blazing love for all things R&B.

In this interview, Indigo drops some serious gems that all upcoming artists in the industry can benefit from. “The Fall” EP is authentic R&B music that you can feel in your soul. A highly talented singer with a clear passion for music, Indigo poured everything she had into this new EP. This has led to the people falling in love with the project and “The Fall” EP reaching #1 on Amazon’s R&B Best Sellers and Hottest New Releases charts. It also hit #9 on iTunes R&B charts.

If you haven’t listened to “The Fall” EP yet, what are you waiting for? It’s available on all platforms right now, so make sure you take it in. You can watch the full PTA Indigo Marshall Interview below!

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