PTA | Central Cee – 23 Mixtape | review

Central Cee new mixtape titled ’23’.

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Central Cee is one of the most popular rappers in the UK right now. His new “23” project shows exactly why he is currently prominent. Sometimes in music, less is more and Central has mastered the ability to create digestible music that you can enjoy. This is the case with a lot of the songs on the tape. However, Central also opens up and creates some amazing, meaningful songs like “Ungrateful” where he vents about all of the bad experiences he’s been through and how it made him feel. 

There’s a nice mixture of production across the tape and a great collaboration with overseas artists Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2Anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, and Freeze Corleone on their banger “Eurovision”. The energy on the tune is everything! Central closes the album with an outstanding outro titled “End of the Beginning”. The way he ups the ante when the beat switches up is incredible. Overall, “23” is a great project filled with bangers and a sprinkle of introspective songs that make you feel like you know Central Cee more. It’s an enjoyable project to listen to from start to finish with a lot of replay value.



Central Cee is debatably the hottest drill rapper in the UK currently. His recently released mixtape “23” showcases why he has captured the attention of the UK music fanbase. His versatility in his drill sound is unavoidable as he has been able to formulate tunes with different moods, for example, his romantic side kicks in with “Mrs” and “Obsessed With You”. His maniacal persona dangerously takes over in “Eurovision”, and his fun-loving nature thrives in “Retail Therapy”. Cench’s most appealing song is “Lil Bro”. He perfectly executes a conversation representing both himself and his little brother, conversating about the streets.

Nonetheless, “23” isn’t a project for those looking for top tier lyricism as Central’s lyrics are above average but not phenomenal. However, his vibe with the production makes up for that downplay. Overall, “23” is a playful mixtape for the fans to relish.



I previously felt like Central Cee made “fast” music that fit the high TikTok streaming generation however opinions changed with Album “23”. He shows more vulnerability with songs like “Ungrateful”, “Cold shoulder” and “Lil Bro” where he has an intimate conversation with his brother. This allows us to see more depth to the artist as he displays a more genuine side to him. As well as this, he still manages to show his versatility across the album showing us a different side to him in each song. Central Cee continues to develop as an artist demonstrating just how much potential we are yet to see from him.



The most in-demand artist in the UK and some may argue in Europe right now is the marketing genius himself Central Cee.

This being his second project since he has rejuvenated his career shows the levels of development as an artist that he is making rapidly. The production of this tape was top notch his best selection was excellent.

His approach in terms of song selection felt important in this tape has he had songs with real meaning and purpose such as ‘Lil Bro’, ‘Ungrateful’ and ‘Eurovision’.

He might not be the most lyrical artist in the UK but his delivery and flow is always nothing below excellent which he maintains throughout this whole tape. It will be intriguing to see what Central Cee’s ceiling is an artist with my personal thoughts being he can’t top this tape. 


Overall score 7.75/10

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