Eric IV – Paper Plans

Talented R&B act Eric IV delivers new captivating ‘Paper Plans’ single.

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Eric IV dropped some great music mid 2021 that showcased his amazing abilities. Now it’s a new year the North London artist is back once again to put on for the UK R&B scene.

‘Paper Plans’ truly captures the essence of real R&B music. As usual, his production selection is A1. It’s elegant and has a small variety of soothing instruments mixed in it.

Eric’s melodic yet natural smooth sound is magnificent. He has the sauce, and you can tell that he knows it. The pockets he’s able to find in ‘Paper Plans’ are incredible. He utilises melodic rapping flows in some parts of the song and then switches up to some mesmerising pitch-perfect singing just when he needs to.

The ‘Paper Plans’ is all about growing, ignoring all the negative distractions in life, and continuing to strive and reach the top. With his obvious talents, if Eric can be consistently musically active. Nothing can stop him from getting to the top.

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