Topps – Ring Walk

Topps returns with his hard-hitting new single ‘Ring Walk’.

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The talented artist Topps also known in certain circles as Topps Chanzo has dropped his new menacing single titled ‘Ring Walk’. From the very first second, the anticipation the instrumental helps build-up is different. Your mindset is immediately shifted, and you are ready for war.

With the apparent fight feel to this one and boxers such as Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam already using it for his ring walk. This song is bubbling up and just like the fighters ready to explode onto the scene. The way Topps repeats the words ring walk really hammers things home in your mind about what’s about to happen. It’s also very catchy and hard not to rap along to. There are many fight references throughout the song. Topps builds up from training to when the fight bell goes off on fight night.

‘Ring Walk’ is bound to get your adrenaline going and make you feel like you can attain your physical goals no matter what they are. So if you’re a gym-goer or fighter especially, make sure you tap into ‘Ring Walk’ right now and thank me later!

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