Juelz Ft MKB – Tonight

Talented up and coming artist Juelz shares new visuals for ‘Tonight’ Ft MKB.

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Juelz has linked up with MKB for his latest single, ‘Tonight’. The beat produced by JOTB smoothly sets the tone for both artists to come in and do their thing.

MKB starts with the melodic hook before handing it over to Juelz. Even though the song is supposed to be a chilled-out vibe, Juelz finds ways to insert witty innuendos for the ladies to think about. He uses a slow flow to make everything clear for the listeners to take in. There’s a real bop to this song, and Juelz and MKB do a great job of bringing their different sounds together and making it work.

‘Tonight’ is a song you throw on when you want to set the mood for a special night alone with a sweet one. With winter first approaching and bae applications opening, this may be just the tune you need to secure the deal. Make sure you check out the ‘Tonight’ visuals below!

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