Summer Walker – Still Over It

The talented R&B singer Summer Walker has dropped her second studio album, “Still Over It”.



The talented R&B singer Summer Walker has dropped her second studio album, “Still Over It”. The album documents a journey through a complicated breakup between herself and Atlanta producer London on da Track. Summer Walker still expressed her hurt in her relationship with London On Da Track regardless of the fact that he produced half the album.

Throughout the project, she talks about insecurities, the weight she felt in a toxic relationship and balancing being a mother. Summer talks about her ex-boyfriend never supporting her in challenging times, evident in “Constant bulls****”. It shifts from anger to love to frustration in a heartbeat, making “Still Over It” an emotional rollercoaster.

Summer Walker’s soulfulness and fury creates a great blend in “Unloyal” featuring Ari Lennox. The beautiful combination of the bluesy vocals of the pair with the sax creates a beautiful masterpiece. “Still Over It” resonated a lot with people and smashed numerous records upon its release.

Beneath all the drama, Summer showcases layers of vulnerability, contributing to this album becoming Apple Music’s biggest debut for an R&B project. The emotional intensity of the album grips listeners as every song is chaotic, making it irresistibly entertaining.

Check out Summer Walker “Still Over It” below!

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