PinkPantheress- to hell with it  

Amazing UK singer PinkPantheress releases her highly anticipated new mixtape ‘to hell with it’.

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PinkPantheress has dropped her highly anticipated new mixtape ‘to hell with it’. The talented artist really is a breath of fresh air to the industry. She comes in with a unique sound mixed with an intimate RnB and Garage vibe.

Her breakout song ‘Pain’, which includes a brilliant sample of the UK garage hit ‘Flowers’ by Sweet Female Attitude, gets the mood started just right on the project. PinkPantheress is more creative and savvier than other young musicians as she produces her own music. The British singer put her songs at the forefront of her fame, obscuring her identity behind a TikTok username. 

Throughout, this mixtape there are previous releases such as ‘Pain’, ‘Just For Me’, and ‘Break It Off’. She mentions personal things in her music and the battle she had faced with her mental health. In the song ‘Nineteen’ she reflects on her own life and illudes to the feeling of loneliness that she’s felt. She touches on her personal experiences and says herself that “Nineteen was a year of confusion, emotional confusion”.

Being so young and yet mature enough to unravel this type of content is very impressive. The mixture of retro samples and melodic delivery creates an outstanding balance throughout. Making the ‘to hell with it’ listening experience a good one. 

Overall, on this debut project, PinkPantheress continues to prove that she deserves all of the TikTok hype that she’s gotten. Unafraid to experiment with her distinctive sound. PinkPantheress shows exactly why she’ll continue to rise to UK stardom.

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