Young Thug – Punk

Young Thug finally releases his much talked about ‘Punk’ album.

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Young Thug recently dropped his latest album ‘Punk’ on the 15th of October. This album has a more relaxed feel throughout, and we see Thug opening up a side to himself that we don’t usually see. Recurring themes of family, trauma, and wealth are displayed throughout.

The title of Young Thug’s album is ‘Punk’ however does not correlate with the actual genre. Punk is a movement about sticking out and breaking the rules, which are in fact translated in his music. In this Album, Thug is doing whatever he wants, and everyone else is meeting the challenge he sets to let their creative juices flow. There are various artists featured on this album, such as Future, Drake, J Cole, and many more.

We see a more personal side to Thug in songs like ‘Die Slow’ where he talks about his use of lean and how that regrettably stopped him from attending his son’s birthday. He also raps about the violence and trauma he has witnessed as a child. This has led him to make protecting his family as an adult a top priority for him. Seeing a more vulnerable side helps listeners get a closer feel of the person Thug really is. 

Overall throughout ‘Punk’, we see Thug embrace a more different tone and see the talented artist tapping into a more conscious side of himself that has not been as prominent before.

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