Sbk – Haters

Sbk has officially released visuals for his new single titled ‘Haters’.

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Sbk’s work rate has been crazy this year, and he’s back again with visuals for his new single ‘Haters’. In this new tune, he raps about putting in the work to move up levels in the game, rather than flexing and being all bark and no bite like some other people out there.

Sometimes guys don’t want to put the work in but are still envious when they notice others becoming successful. This makes them start acting differently. They become a hater, and Sbk makes it clear that’s something he could never be.

The visuals for ‘Haters’ aren’t overly complicated. Sbk and a lady are in a big open white room, and some special effects are added into a few frames as Sbk raps. The hook is delivered excellently as his words have power, are memorable, and you can resonate with it if you have ever fought for your dreams too. Sbk keeps on raising the bar and improving in his craft.

Tap in and make sure you check out ‘Haters’ below!

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