Josh Blake – The Endz

Josh Blake drops his video for his new cold single ‘The Endz’.

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Josh Blake has released his cold new single ‘The Endz’. With the brilliant Partynextdoor ‘Break From Toronto’ sample. Josh raps about everything that goes down in his parts of the city.

From the trap house and violence to the ladies, the eventful imagine Josh paints makes you intrigued to hear more from him. He doesn’t glorify everything to do with the lifestyle from moving around in the hood. He touches on all the fallen soldiers lost in the war in the streets and all the wasted potential gone down the drain.

‘The Endz’ is a good tune that gives the listeners an insight into life when you are raised in the hood and get involved with everything that comes with it. Make sure you check out the full video for ‘The Endz’ below and check it out on Spotify too.

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