Russ Millions – 6:30

Russ Millions releases a new high-energy single titled ‘6:30’.

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It seems like Russ Millions always keeps a banger in the tuck. After a very successful year for the Lewisham rapper, he’s back again with his new single ‘6:30’.

Just as you’d expect from Russ, he brings a lot of energy and mischievous content to the table. His visuals always look like the motive you want to be at. While proudly displaying his number one chart-topping award. Russ, his friends, and some ladies all come together for a good time. Salute to the director Toxic for capturing the video flawlessly.

Russ may be the best rapper in the UK at making you want to dance every time one of his songs comes on. The tempo in the beats he picks paired with his snappy delivery makes his tunes go off. This is yet again the case with ‘6:30’. Make sure you check out the visuals below!

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