Izzie Gibbs – CHOSEN

In preparation for his new mixtape, Izzie Gibbs drops new track ‘CHOSEN’.

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With his new mixtape ‘I’M HERE’ set to drop soon, Izzie Gibbs has been very active on the scene. In his latest release, ‘CHOSEN’ with just a mic and a few friends, Izzie pours his soul out into his music.

He raps about near-death experiences, the pressure he’s felt in the past having to put on for his people, and the false badman persona some portray to live. There are many lines that get you thinking in ‘CHOSEN’ like “Never sold a pack your cap. Could have been yourself it’s sad, why everyone wanna be bad? If there’s a million ways to die, it’s the same to stay alive.”

These lines cut deep because of the authentic truth behind them. The badman lifestyle isn’t the glorious thing most make it out to be. Exactly how there are many ways you can die when you come from the hood, there are also many ways you can make something of yourself and prosper while you’re here on this earth.

Izzie Gibbs has a few bags he can go into, but when he’s putting his heart into his music like this, there isn’t many MCs out there that can rap with the Northampton artist.

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