Potter Payper – Thanks For Waiting

Potter Payper drops his highly anticipated ‘Thanks For Waiting’ mixtape.

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The title of Potters’ mixtape ‘Thanks For Waiting’ is from a letter he sent to his fans in 2017, before serving his five-year sentence. In this letter, Potter promised that he’d be consistent with music once he got released.

Sticking to his word, the 2020 ‘Vision’ Ep arrived days after his release, followed by the ‘Training Day 3’ mixtape. Fans approved of it due to the incredible lyricism and the strong consistency from tracks 1 to 24.

‘Thanks For Waiting’ has opened new doors for Potter. His previous mixtapes have been mostly solo. This new tape is feature-heavy, with artists such as NSG, Rimzee, Digga D, Unknown T, and many more making appearances.

There’s a great blend of songs from more upbeat rap tunes such as ‘CEO Flo’ to more sincere songs like ‘I Just Need’. As well as that, the pre-released singles ‘Catch Up’ and ‘Nothing’s Free’ also feature and sound even better in sequence within the project. The brilliant balance of songs creates an incredible mixtape.

Throughout the mixtape we see Potter experimenting more with his sound. It’s great to see him continuing to evolve as an artist. While still remaining true to his artistic self. Overall, we have seen that the exceptional Barking rapper Potter has stuck to his past promise. With ‘Thanks For Waiting’ he has provided us with yet another classic mixtape.

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