Loski X Suspect – Woosh and Push

Loski is back again with his latest single “Woosh and Push”.

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With his new EP ‘Censored’ scheduled to drop soon, Loski has linked up with Suspect for his latest single ‘Woosh and Push’. The two rappers, and in particular Loski, showcase why they are certified in the Drill scene.

Suspect starts the tune off with witty wordplay and a forceful delivery that’s fun to listen to. He even refers to himself as “Camden’s Vladimir Putin”. Loski jumps in with a playful flow with serious content. He wonderfully plays off the names of his boys and fellow rappers Suspect, 2Smokeyy, and Broadday to deliver a spectacular few lines in the middle of his verse. The hook from Suspect is very effective and will stick in your head for a while after hearing it.

In recent times Loski’s work rate has been impeccable. From his latest releases, when he drops his new EP. There can be no doubt that all Drill fans will be spinning it for a while. Make sure you check out the new ‘Woosh and Push’ video below.

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