Mahalia Ft AJ Tracey – Roadside

Mahalia links up with AJ Tracey for hot new ‘Roadside’ single.

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There is nothing scarier than a woman scorned and in Mahalia’s new single ‘Roadside’, she shows just how upset a woman can get when a guy does them wrong.

On an upbeat tropical beat produced by The Elements, Mahalia sings about the hurt you feel when you find out someone has cheated on you. As a girl finds her man has been two-timing her, she goes to Mahalia to seek revenge. Fake love is horrible as you feel like you were used and made a fool of. These feelings lead to Mahalia destroying the guy’s car while he’s tied up and forced to watch.

AJ raps about how some guys may view the situation and tries to sweet-talk her out of the doghouse. He points out that he may have been wrong to do what he did, but he never had bad intentions with her and wants forgiveness. Unfortunately, from the male lead in the video, AJ’s words don’t help him out.

‘Roadside’ is an addictive song. There’s a mixture of attitude and flavourful vibes along with a very entertaining video.

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