Sheff G – Drum Dummy

Sheff G releases amazing visuals for his new single ‘Drum Dummy’.

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Brooklyn’s own Sheff G decided to bless his fans with new music on his birthday. Produced by Great John, the mellow drill beat mixed with his melodic flow creates a brilliant balance.

The song is captivating despite only being 2 minutes, showing Sheff Gs writing capability. A genuine and honest vibe is formed throughout the song. Sheff G has also dropped animated visuals with his song ‘Drum Dummy’.

The song is full of heartfelt messages and things he faced as a young child. He talks about the betrayals he faced from friends and family. Although things weren’t always good, Sheff makes it known that he still wants to see his family happy. Overall, this song shows a more sincere and vulnerable side to him.

Sheff G has continued to make his presence felt since his rise to stardom in 2016. 2020 was a big year for the Brooklyn rapper. His previous mixtapes ‘Just For Y’all’ and ‘One and Only’ received good feedback and were on Complex’s list of best albums so far that year. Sheff G continues to develop and progress as an artist. Check out the outstanding animated ‘Drum Dummy’ visuals below.

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