Eshé – Spend The Night – Prod by Dystinkt Beats

UK R&B artist Eshé helps the people unwind with her new single ‘Spend The Night’.

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Talented up & coming R&B artist Eshé has released her new single titled ‘Spend The Night’. In this track, Eshé displays her angelic-like vocals while seducing a gentleman to spend the night with her. Her sound is very relaxing and can send you into a daze.

With lyrics such as “Go deep inside, open my mind’s eye, let’s collide”. Eshé takes a physical experience and turns it into an infatuating mental one that you can’t ignore.

The mixture of vocals in the background on the second half of the tune is done brilliantly by the engineer DOTT. It gives you a mesmerising feeling like Eshé is surrounding you everywhere you turn. The song ends with Eshé superbly harmonizes with different tones of her voice. It appears like the song is about to hit the climax point before things come down and the track fades out.

‘Spend The Night’ is an intimate experience. So make sure you’re ready to take it all in because that authentic traditional R&B vibe is sprinkled all over this one. So to all the R&B fans out there, make sure you check out Eshé’s brand new single, ‘Spend The Night’ below.

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