M1llionz – Regular Bag

M1llionz delivers the UK a taste of his upcoming mixtape “Regular Bag”.

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One thing the fans can agree on is M1llionz hasn’t disappointed this year for UK Drill. The Brum rapper releases ‘Regular Bag’, a preview of the music the UK will be experiencing when M1llionz new project “Provisional License” drops in September.

“Regular Bag’ subject matter is based on the criminal lifestyle involving trapping. M1llionz does what he knows best, utilising his flow to set the song’s vibrancy. The hard-hitting drill instrumental produced by Honeywood Six correlates well with M1llionz energetic rhythm, manifesting an exuberant ambience for “Regular Bag”.

The music video directed by Kelvin Jones corresponds with M1llionz lyricism as it exhibits the Brum rapper in an abandoned warehouse working with his crew.

Check out M1llionz “Regular Bag” below.

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