Big Zuu – Stand Up Tall – Prod by Scne

Big Zuu taps in with the people with his brand new single ‘Stand Up Tall’.

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Supremely gifted rapper Big Zuu has just dropped his new single ‘Stand Up Tall’. In this tune, Big Zuu raps about all the challenges you have to go through when you come from where he’s from. Even though things get tough at the end of the day, you have to stand up tall and fight to get to where you want to be in life.

Zuu’s delivery and raw authenticity in his lyrics are exceptional. He pushes how important it is to believe in yourself because if you don’t in this world, you will never accomplish anything. This song is very relatable and will speak to you if you share the same mentality and are from a similar background as Zuu.

Zuu has been doing a lot lately, from his new KISS Fresh radio show, releasing a great cookbook, and getting nominated for a Bafta award for his TV show ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats’. It’s great to see him expanding into different areas and not limiting himself to just rap, as he is so much more than just another rapper.

Having said all that. Zuu’s first love will always be the music, and with his debut album ‘Navigate’ set to drop on September the 24th. ‘Stand Up Tall’ gives us a small preview of how Zuu is coming on the upcoming album.

Make sure you check out Big Zuu’s new single ‘Stand Up Tall’ below.

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