RAY BLK Ft Kaash Paige – MIA – Prod by ADP – Visuals by Director Darnell

RAY BLK touches down to share her new single off her upcoming album ‘Access Denied’.



With her debut album ‘Access Denied’ set to drop on September 17th. Ray BLK has been building up to the project by releasing some excellent singles. After dropping ‘Games’ featuring Giggs and ‘Dark Skinned’. RAY has returned for her brand new single titled ‘MIA’ featuring Kaash Paige.

Sampling The Notorious B.I.G’s classic song ‘One More Chance’ producer ADP creates the perfect platform for Ray and Kaash. The song has a real summer vibe to it. RAY’s soothing vocals sound superb over the beat. The hook is flawless. It enhances the summer party feels even more and is extremely memorable and catchy.

Kaash’s melodic, effortless style helps her float on her verse. Her delivery is different from RAY’s and therefore adds a little more spice to the song. The visuals shot by Director Darnell catch every setting and angle necessary. So much in the video comes off as being natural. It’s as if everyone is having a real party with family and friends, and no one knows they’re being recorded. That is until it cuts to the scene with Kaash and RAY singled out in dark surroundings with massive cars and quad bikes. Things are a little more intimate in this scene. You can really sense the strong presence both artists carry.

RAY has done an incredible job of putting on for UK R&B music, and with her debut album on the way, the only way is up. Make sure you check out RAY BLK’s new single ‘MIA’ featuring Kaash Paige below, here at Pass The Aux.

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