Digga D – Wasted featuring ArrDee

Digga D comes through with a late summer anthem called ‘Wasted’ featuring Ardee.

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Ladbroke Grove rapper Digga D blesses the UK with a late-summer anthem called ‘Wasted’ featuring ArrDee. One guarantee from this song is you will get “white boy wasted”. This track subject matter revolves around getting beyond drunk while having a good time. Digga D utilises his natural, playful ambience to set an exuberant buzz for ‘Wasted’. His flow and lyricism contribute to this vibrancy, which makes you want to get lit.

The instrumental also plays a part in the song’s vibe. The beat samples a legendary tune called ‘Heartbroken’ from T2. The overall instrumental contributes electrifying, bouncy energy to ‘Wasted’. ArrDee, as the feature, does well in supporting Digga D. Although fans wanted AJ Tracey on the song instead, ArrDee did well.

Overall, ‘Wasted’ is a fun, energetic song to turn up. Digga D, as always, comes through with a banger.

Check out Digga D – Wasted featuring ArrDee.

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