The Plug x M1lllionz x G Herbo – Father Figure

The Plug pulls off another magnificent link up with G Herbo and M1llionz. The three artists have released their joint song – Father Figure.

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The Plug pulls through another spectacular collaboration between the US and the UK. This time M1llionz and G Herbo, the two rappers, joined forces with The Plug to release ‘Father Figure’. The song’s lyrical content reflects M1llionz and G Herbo rapping on being like their Fathers. G Herbo embraces the comparison to his Father, whereas M1llionz rejects the relation. The music video exhibits M1llionz and G Herbo in a dark warehouse, counting money and trapping.

Numerous fans questioned if both artists will mesh together? If the song would be another Drill link up? Who would outperform the other? Honestly, the song didn’t meet the high expectations because the track seemingly highlighted the lack of chemistry between M1llionz and G Herbo.

The song utilises a trap instrumental, which differs from M1llionz’s usual Drill sound. The Brum rapper makes a great attempt to rap his verse. However, he struggles to stay on the beat with his flow. The mix with the instrumental and the lyrics don’t help M1llionz either. The instrumental itself fails to contribute to the song’s ambience, which gives the tune a lacklustre vibrancy. Nonetheless, G Herbo does well with his rhythm on the instrumental. Trap beats are G Herbo’s primary sound, which is no surprise why he flourished with this instrumental produced by Zale and DI$. However, that doesn’t take away from the mediocre production.

Overall, the song had the potential to be another UK to US banger. M1llionz, himself put up a great effort to layout a splendid verse but, his experience with Trap instrumentals as his flow fails to inline with the beat. G Herbo does perform well but, it isn’t enough to save the song from not meeting its expectations.

Check out The Plug X M1llionz X G Herbo – Father Figure below.

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