Isaiah Rashad – The House Is Burning – Album

After a while off amazing TDE artist, Isaiah Rashad is finally back with a new album.

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Fans have truly missed Isaiah Rashad. After five years away sorting his personal life out. The supremely talented TDE artist has released his new album titled ‘The House Is Burning’. With his third studio album, Isaiah Rashad paints the picture of someone whose life was hectic but has found peace and is in a much more comfortable place now.

Isaiah comes with a very smooth approach on the album. The intro ‘Darkseid’ sets the tone perfectly as he shares some insight into his thoughts about his life. He switches up his vocals on the chorus wonderfully. While adding an effect that makes the whole song feel like one big dream. The tempo increases on the next track with ‘From The Garden’ featuring Lil Uzi. Isaiah changes his flow a few times while standing out on the gritty instrumental with cheeky lyrics and crisp vocals. Uzi also rides the beat well and has fun with his verse.

A standout track on the album is ‘RIP Young’. Project Pat is one of Isaiah Rashad’s favourite artists ever. Isaiah samples his infamous song ‘Cheese and Dope’ at the beginning and middle of the track. Isaiah is well and truly in his element on this song as his laid back demeanour and perfect delivery make the song a thing of beauty. He also displays his lyrical ability a little more on this track, showing his capacity to go into different pockets whenever he sees fit.

It’s not every day you hear Isaiah Rashad over trap production, but he does just that on ‘Lay Wit Ya’ featuring Duke Deuce. Isaiah uses a couple of sleek flows, while intentionally exaggerating some letters. Duke’s parts are more memorable than Isaiah’s, who somewhat feels like more of the feature on the song. Not only does Duke turn up the energy with his aggressive delivery. He hits some cold dance moves while doing so. The energy is infectious and makes you want to let loose and have some fun.

The second single is ‘Headshots’ which Isaiah Rashad fans had been waiting for a while, having heard snippets of it on Instagram Live in 2020. ‘Headshots’ brings a certain bounce and feeling needed not just on this project but in hip hop itself. It has a 90’s Andre 3000 Southern hip hop vibe to it. From the production to the bars, amazing delivery, and crazy visuals. This single is one of the best that has come out so far this year.

Many features do a great job on this project and offer something different. For instance, on ‘True Story’ featuring Jay Rock and Jay Worthy. All artists stand out for various reasons. Isaiah matches the groovy energy of the beat with a new cadence that sounds great. Jay Rock always delivers quality verses whenever he links up with Isaiah, and it’s no different again this time around. Jay uses a different rhyme scheme shrewdly putting emphasis on every last word he uses and repeating it.

Another collaboration on the project is ‘Score’ featuring SZA and 6LACK. All artist’s sounds mesh flawlessly together on the track. SZA’s beautiful voice is the icing on the top of the cake, and 6LACK puts words together very poetically. Rashad’s verse isn’t the strongest in this song, but his melodic tone fits in well with the whole aura of the track.

A song with a bit more meaning to it is ‘THIB’. Isaiah samples the legendary Missy Elliott’s song ‘The Rain’. He creatively uses the album title as a metaphor for what is going on in his head. On the hook, he sings “ Who’s that creeping in my window? Who’s- Who’s that- Who’s that fu*king with my conscience.” The house is burning reference is brilliant. He uses the fire and the notion something is burning down as his mental state was crumbling.

Isaiah then points out all the things you can have in life but at the same time still feel empty. You can tell this song was written while Isaiah was at a lower point within the last few years. So it’s nice of him to open up and share it with us.

On the outro, ‘HB2U’. Isaiah reminisces on his past and his struggles since he became famous. It’s in total contrast to the intro where he’s questioning things in life. He’s in reflection mode rapping about knowing he has to get himself right because if he doesn’t, he won’t ever be able to help his loved ones.  He also touches on having to leave his hometown to fulfil his potential. The production is so soulful and gives Isaiah the platform to dig a little deeper.

Overall, ‘The House Is Burning’ is a brilliant album for you to lay back and vibe out to. There are fun surface-level bars but also deep thought-provoking ones. The smooth, groovy production makes the transitions from song to song feel seamless. One of my only critiques of this album is that Isaiah doesn’t play off the house is burning concept more often because every time he does, it hits home.

Isaiah recently pointed out that he used to record a lot of his music while he was intoxicated, and this would be the first album where he would be doing it sober. This album proves that his talent will always shine no matter what.

When you build up great anticipation for a project after such a long time off, you have to make sure you come back with a bang. With this album, Isaiah Rashad may not have come back with an aggressive blow, but he most definitely comes back with an untouchable vibe you can’t help but love.

Make sure you check out Isaiah Rashad’s new album ‘The House Is Burning’ below, here at Pass The Aux.

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