NEW: Vince Staples – Vince Staples Album – Produced by Kenny Beats

Vince Staples is back with some new music with his self-titled new project, the ‘Vince Staples’ album.

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After a few years with no album, the return of Vince Staples has been highly anticipated. Some artists have a defined sound that you usually hear from them. However, Vince is not one of those types of artists, and you should always expect the unexpected from him.

In this project, Vince gives the listeners insight into his mindset, cold bars, and excellent flows in a very laid-back manner. The production across the entire album is very smooth. It makes you zone out while listening to the music until the stand-out tracks hit, and you instantly have to rewind them to the beginning.

That is the case with tunes such as ‘SUNDOWN TOWN’, and ‘TAKING TRIPS’. There’s a very comforting feeling with these songs, the beats mixed with Vince expressing himself is done beautifully. On ‘SUNDOWN TOWN’ he touches on being paranoid when fans approach him in the streets because of what happens when a stranger approaches you where he comes from. Then on ‘TAKING TRIPS’ he has a little more fun on the beat with a little more bounce while using clever wordplay.

There’s a couple of skits on the album. One of them gracefully transitions into another stand-out song titled ‘TAKE ME HOME’ featuring the amazing singer Fousheé. If someone were to ask me what is a perfect example of a Hip Hop and R&B collaboration in 2021, this song would be the first thing I would send to them. The heavenly beat produced by Kenny Beats gives the artists the perfect platform to share their talents.

Vince paints a vivid picture with his lyrics in each verse, sharing his thoughts on his life. He uses an incredible rhyme scheme which makes it feel like he’s narrating a story on himself. Fousheé’s angelic vocals across the hook and at the end of the song is the icing on the top of the cake needed to establish perfection.

It’s clear to see that Vince intentionally makes this album very concise with only ten tracks, two of which had been out before the project was released. There are also two skits meaning there are only six new songs on the project that hadn’t been heard before. Seeing how Vince hadn’t released a body of work in three years before this one, this was one of the few disappointing things about the project.

Vince is also known for his unique beat selection. However, on this project, the majority of the production has the same chilled-out tone to it. There are good and bad sides to doing this. A couple of the good reasons are that it fits with the theme of the album. It also makes for a more sonically pleasing listening experience. Nevertheless, there’s no real switch up of tempo on the project or a sudden outburst of energy that excites you, and we all know Vince is more than capable of providing that.

In closing, the ‘Vince Staples’ album does what it’s supposed to do. It gets you in there, gives you quality laidback music, and gets you out. It’s definitely not his best ever project, but there are more than a couple of songs that will live long in the memory of Hip Hop fans from all over. Check out the ‘Vince Staples’ album below, here at Pass The Aux.  

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