Fredo Bang – Bless His Soul featuring Polo G

Fredo Bang collaborates with Polo G to release ‘Bless His Soul’.

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Talented artist Fredo Bang has collaborated with Chicago rapper Polo G to release ‘Bless His Soul’. The song’s lyrical content relies on Fredo Bang asking God to bless the souls of those who do right by the streets, for example, not cooperating with the police. Polo G comes strong on the tune supporting Fredo Bang’s vibrancy for ‘Bless His Soul’. Both rappers utilise their melodic rap flows for the track, which correlates well with the instrumental Hardbody B-Eazy & DJ Chose. The instrumental and both rappers’ rhythms produced a soothing ambience for ‘Bless His Soul’.

The visuals filmed by DrewFilmedIt showcase Fredo Bang, Polo G and their crew chilling on the streets. The music video works well with the audio as both set a relaxing vibrancy for the song.

Fredo Bang and Polo G collaboration has created a banging tune for the fans to relish for the summer. This wasn’t the link-up many fans thought they needed but, it’s a vibe.

Check out Fredo Bang – Bless His Soul featuring Polo G

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