Fredo – Wandsworth to Bullingdon featuring Headie One

Fredo collaborates with Headie One to release a track from his soon to be released album ‘Independence Day’.

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Fredo increases the anticipation for the soon to be released album ‘Independence Day’. The Mozart rapper has dropped a new track from ‘Independence Day’ called ‘Wandsworth To Bullingdon’ featuring Tottenham artist Headie One. Video director KLVDR magnificently produced the visuals for this song as he exhibits Fredo and Headie One in jail.

Focusing on the audio, Fredo and Headie’s stance on their lyrics differs as the Mozart rapper is belligerent in his verse. Fredo asserts that he runs the prisons as he and his boys fill up the jails, making it difficult for their enemies to cope. Headie is less hostile and doesn’t dwell on prison life. Nonetheless, both rappers verses were enjoyable to hear as they met the bar with their lyricism, clean flows and the vibe they individually brought forth. Also, the instrumental corresponds strongly with the rappers’ vibrancy.

Overall, it is safe to say Fredo and Headie have potential to be a future dynamic duo as their chemistry for this tune is outstanding. Both rappers’ styles coordinate excellently together. It will be great to hear more collaborations between the two artists. Nevertheless, ‘Wandsworth to Bullingdon’ makes the wait for Independence Day unbearable as the song reveals the high quality of music we are in for a treat when Fredo’s album drops.

Check out Fredo – Wandsworth to Bullingdon featuring Headie One below.

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