G Herbo – 25

One of Chicago’s current talented rappers, G Herbo has release his album ’25’.

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Prominent Chicago rapper G Herbo has released his album ’25’. The Chicago rapper continues to rap about the street life as he has previously done in his last, following projects, PTSD, Humble Beast, Welcome to Fazoland and Ball Like I’m Kobe. ’25’ is 57 minutes long, including 19 tracks featuring 21 Savage, Rowdy Rebel, Polo G, Lil TJay, his son Yosohn and more.

’25’ is composed by multiple producers such as Southside, Tay Keith, Ramsey Beatz, Turbo, and others. The album relies on Trap instrumentals. Nonetheless, the lacklustre production brought a disadvantage to G Herbo’s body of work for two reasons. One reason is that the Trap beats became repetitive, which is a reoccurring dilemma in the ‘Trap’ genre. The other reason is the production failed to contribute to the ambience the Chicago rapper tried to execute. Herbo’s lyrics reflected on the gritty, violent street culture that revolved around his childhood and the trauma resulting from that living. Through his thorough storytelling, G Herbo either showcases his aggressiveness or a self sympathising individual. However, the instrumentals failed to reflect that vibrancy for most of the project as some were flat. You do not get that same poignant or belligerent feeling when listening to ’25’ as you listen to his previous projects such as PTSD, Welcome to Fazoland and Ball Like I’m Kobe, which brings forth an emotional connection between G Herbo and the listener due to the instrumentals’ contribution. With the repeated, dull production G Herbo’s flow also contributed to the album’s monotonous vibe as he failed to be versatile with his rhythm.

Nevertheless, G Herbo’s lyricism was a central positive for the album ’25’. Although the rapper duplicates his lyrics through this body of work, he does provide some great storytelling in ’25’. The following songs, ‘Drill’ featuring Rowdy Rebel, ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’, ‘Trenches Know My Name’, ‘No Jail Time’ and ‘Cry No More’ featuring Polo G and Lil TJay, reveal this strength. In addition, the rapper displays his lyrical cleverness by presenting some wordplay in his verses. Everyone knows G Herbo was one of the best lyricists in the Chicago Drill era. Maintaining his longevity in lyricism compared to other drill rappers from that period has to be credited.

When considering the positives and negatives of this album ’25’, G Herbo talents manifested a mediocre album. It wasn’t bad but, there is nothing special or phenomenal about this project. Compared to his previous albums, it’s more of a disappointment. Hopefully, G Herbo for future references learns from these mistakes and uses this learning curb to create better albums.

Check out G Herbo ’25’ below and listen to it to come up with your conclusion.

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