Dave – Clash featuring Stormzy

Dave releases a new single for his upcoming album – Clash featuring Stormzy.

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This new release with Dave and Stormzy has taken the UK music scene by storm. The collaboration between two of the best rappers in the game itself is huge to hear. The two rappers collaborated to drop Dave’s new single ‘Clash’, which features Stormzy. Also, this song adds more buzz to Dave’s recently announced album, which will drop in late July. Lastly, after listening to the track, UK music fans have speculated that Stormzy has made subliminal jabs towards Chip.

The overall song is satisfactory, with both rappers performing decently with their verses. Nonetheless, their collaboration didn’t match the highly-anticipated hype it received before the release. Both rappers’ lyrics were adequate to listen to as they delivered some clever bars evident in their wordplay. However, the song lacked energy mainly because of the flows they chose and the instrumental they utilised.

Nevertheless, that didn’t prevent ‘Clash’ from causing an uproar in the UK music scene as Stormzy’s verse led to speculation from UK fans. Many supporters asserted that Stormzy sneaked diss Chip. One of the lines which drew everyone’s attention is “Burned that bridge, cremated on, boom-boom, baliff one”.

All this attention drawn to Dave and Stormzy shouldn’t take credit away from the video director Edem Wornoo as he performed his role well. The visuals produced by Edem Wornoo were exciting to watch as they are crystal clear. The music video showcase both rappers stunting with their vehicles around some lovely ladies in the background.

Overall, Dave and Stormzy could have executed the single better. Although ‘Clash’ was inadequate to the hype it received, it still has some positives, such as the lyricism both artists delivered in their verses and the noise it caused due to the subliminal disses towards Chip. It will be interesting to hear how Dave performs in his album. Dave is one of the best rappers in the UK music scene, so high expectations is necessary for him to meet.
In Stormzy’s circumstance, many wonder how his beef with Chip will develop.

Check out Dave featuring Stormzy – Clash below.

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