Jaykae Ft Jorja Smith – 1000 Nights – Prod by Ezrah Roberts-Grey – Visuals by Luke Biggins

With his debut studio album on the way, Jaykae touches down with Jorja Smith for his latest single.



What’s better than one talented West Midlands artist? What if I told you two of them have come together to make an unforgettable tune? Well, that is what’s just happened as the gifted Birmingham MC Jaykae has linked up with the amazing Jorja Smith to release his new single ‘1000 Nights’.

In this new single, both artists tell a story of a man trying his hardest to provide for his family but struggling after losing his job and turns to crime. The lyrics cut deep in this one as if you are from a low-income area you know how tough things can get. Many people don’t wake up one day and decide to be a criminal. They hit rock bottom and end up seeing that as their only way out. In this case, the dad starts selling drugs. Sadly he ends up getting arrested and sentenced to 1000 days in prison.

The visuals for ‘1000 Nights’ are shot in Small Health, which is personal to Jaykae as that’s where he was born. The video is like a mini-movie. It brilliantly depicts the story Jaykae and Jorja are telling and will have your eyes glued to the screen. ‘1000 Nights’ is all about pain, struggle, and an environment too many are all too familiar with. Jaykae and Jorja had an idea and executed it perfectly.

Make sure you check out Jaykae’s new single ‘1000 Nights’ featuring Jorja Smith. It’s undeniably one of the best songs to come out of the UK so far this year.

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