AB – Street Cursed

Newham rapper AB releases a heart wrenching song called ‘Street Cursed’.

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Aspiring Newham rapper AB has released a heart aching song, ‘Street Cursed’. AB, throughout this tune, shares the harsh reality of street violence as he mentions those who have passed in recent years and individuals who have been incarcerated. AB accomplishes this by yielding mini accounts of their downfall. AB provides advice to those involved in the criminal lifestyle by telling them to find an alternative to their illegal ways. There is no happy ending as you will most likely end up dead or imprisoned.

The song’s instrumental correlates wondrously with AB’s flow and lyrics. The music producer formulated a beat that contributes to the song’s ambience by providing a melancholy mood. ‘Street Cursed’ vibrancy draws you into AB’s lyrics and reflects carefully on what he emphasises. The visuals manifested the audio’s disposition. The music video showcase AB with fellow rapper Potter Payper in a classroom. In this scene, AB is rapping his lyrics, teaching the children about the wickedness in the streets. The room’s darkness symbolises the tune’s theme well. Other scenes in the visuals exhibit AB standing in a graveyard, which links to the people he mentions who have unfortunately died because of this belligerent living.

AB deserves praise for ‘Street Cursed’ because he executed this song well. ‘Street Cursed’ lyrics is a heart – wrenching, reality for many people in the UK. AB effectively highlighted the upset this lifestyle causes to those involved or associated.

Check out AB ‘Street Cursed’ below.

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