Fredo – Talk of The Town

Fredo gives the UK a taste of what to expect from his newly announced album ‘Independence Day’.

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Fredo has been the talk of the country rather than the talk of the town this year. The Mozart rapper has received praise throughout 2021 due to his critically acclaimed album ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’. Recently, Fredo has stunned the UK music scene by releasing news about dropping another album for the year ‘Independence Day’. The Mozart rapper decided to give us a preview of what to expect from his future project by dropping a new single, ‘Talk of The Town’, wondrously produced by Jaiah and Tyrell 169.

Once again, Fredo proves why he’s one of the best in the UK. The Mozart rapper’s lyricism is top tier, especially his puns and rhyming scheme for ‘Talk of The Town’. The clarity from his flow draws you into his verse, making you want to bop your head throughout the track. Fredo’s rhythm correlates smoothly with the instrumental, which packages an overall soothing, bouncy vibe for the fans to relish.

Suave directed and produced the music video for ‘Talk of The Town’. The visuals exhibit Fredo on a moped riding around confidently, which is the ambience he shares in his lyrics. Fredo manifests himself as a dominant figure on the streets as he mentions attacking his foes, being irresistible to women, having the best jewellery and more. Other parts of the music video showcase Fredo and his crew chilling on the streets.

Fredo’s high work ethic is undeniable. After the success of “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, it will be intriguing to hear ‘Independence Day’ once it’s released. Expectations will be high for the highly anticipated album and, ‘Talk of The Town’ contributes to that as it is a relishing single.

Check out Fredo ‘Talk of The Town’.

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