Headie One – Pound Signs

Headie One follows up his Daily Duppy freestyle with ‘Pound Signs’.

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The pound sign may be turning Headie One crazy. However, the UK music fanbase was going mad, wondering when is Headie releasing a new single. Since Headie dropped the ‘Edna’ album deluxe, he’s been quiet, only dropping a Daily Duppy freestyle. Nonetheless, Headie One has blessed UK fans with his single ‘Pound Signs’ produced by EsTheProducer and LikkleDotz.

The song’s subject matter is about Headie’s obsession with money. The Tottenham rapper superbly narrates how his fixation with money has led to the pound sign controlling his lifestyle. His infatuation caused him to question the negativity it has brought upon him as he repeats, “They say the pound sign turning me crazy, look what it’s doing to me”. Then he mentions his Dad stating money is ruining Headie One as a person. Judging by his methods in gaining cash and how it’s spent, it is clear it has brought trauma to the Tottenham rapper.

Daps directed the music video for ‘Pound Signs’ and, Tony Longe produced the visuals. The video showcase Headie One with his crew robbing a van holding money. The visual’s second part exhibit Headie One playing poker. The best aspect of the ‘Pound Signs’ music video is it highlights the sociopathic nature Headie has with cash. This persona is manifested in his lyrics as he raps, “I put two hundred racks on his cranium and make his own friend wanna put him to sleep”. Also, later in the visuals, Headie is holding a gun to his head, which reveals the insanity obsessiveness for money has caused.

The fans will be happy about this release as it is a great song to vibe. The instrumental wondrously produced by EsTheProducer and LikkleDotz with Headie’s lyrics packaged a tune for the fans to enjoy.

Check out Headie One ‘Pound Signs’ below.

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