NEW: Vince Staples – LAW OF AVERAGES – Prod by Corey Smyth, Kenny Beats, Vince Staples & Reske – Visuals by Kid. Studio

With a new project set to come out soon, Vince Staples releases his brand new single to give everyone a taste of what’s to come.

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The man from North Long Beach is finally back. Vince Staples has one of the best personalities in the music industry, but the reason many people fell in love with him in the first place is because he’s a damn good artist. With his last studio album ‘FM’ coming out in 2018, Vince Staples has been building up to release a brand new project for his fans all over the world. To begin that roll out he has just dropped his new single titled ‘LAW OF AVERAGES’.

Vince Staples is known for his laid-back, fly-rapping style. With a melodic sound infused into a unique flowing beat, Vince shows up and shows out. He starts off rapping about having trust issues with people, which has led him to isolate himself in some scenarios.

The visuals are done brilliantly by Kid. Studio’s, Vince is chilling on the block with his real friends. However, during the video, we see various people with fake smiles plastered on their faces. As they are not authentic people as the video is finishing, they all end up down and out. I believe this happens to show that the real will always come out on top and prevail, whereas the fake will end up down in the dirt where they belong.

Vince’s effortless flow aligned with witty wordplay on this track is exactly what makes him so great. Lines such as “ I’m Hurricane Carter, you know I’m gon’ catch a case, but Lil Wayne Carter what I call my .38, kiss your baby in the face if you play with where I stay.” Don’t let these bars go over your head. Vince plays off Lil Wayne and Baby’s (Birdman) relationship as they have greeted each other with kisses in the past. Additionally, Vince saying Wayne’s name followed by the .38 talk meaning his gun is captivating too. If you do your research, you’ll see that Lil Wayne is 38 years old, so the metaphor fits in perfectly.

‘LAW OF AVERAGES’ gives off a ‘Summertime 06’ vibe to it, which is excellent as many believe that is the skilled artist’s best-ever body of work. Vince has interestingly added the date July 9th to his Twitter name. So you better get ready people, Vince Staples season is almost among us.

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