Rah Swish – Mayor of the Streets | Mixtape

Wooo rapper Rah Swish is keeping the Brooklyn Drill scene alive with his new mixtape ‘Mayor of the Streets’.

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The young talented Brooklyn drill rapper Rah Swish has dropped his mixtape ‘Mayor of the Streets’. Over the years, Brooklyn drill has taken the music industry by storm. The bouncy UK drill beats with the gritty, raw New York influenced lyrics created an electrifying ambience, which captivated people’s attention internationally. Rah Swish has been one of the front runners to push this sub-genre in being a successful movement.

‘Mayor of the Streets’ is short and sweet. The mixtape is 29 minutes long with ten tracks featuring SmokePurpp, Ron Suno, Fetty Luciano, Leeky G Bando and Young Costamado. Multiple producers composed the mixtape’s production, such as Prod Jetz, Loco Beatz, Luca Beatz, Kritz and more. The project’s composition is well-produced as the drill beats provided the mixtape with a bouncy vibrancy. ‘Ilgauskas’ ‘ El Otro’ (Trap song) and ‘Woo It Again’ was the only songs on the mixtape where the instrumental didn’t do Rah Swish justice because the songs’ mix was messy. Rah Swish should have picked a better melody for all three tracks. The instrumental for ‘Ilgauskas’ overshadowed Rah Swish as the beat is too loud to hear the Brooklyn rapper perfectly.

Nonetheless, that negative aspect shouldn’t take away from Rah Swish body of work. The Brooklyn rapper provided an adequate mixtape for his fans to relish. His lyricism with the instrumentals makes the project fun to listen through. Rah Swish highlight songs are ‘Woo Back’ ‘Trending Topics’ ‘Hashtag RS’ and ‘Warm Ups’ featuring Leeky G Bando. The Brooklyn drill rapper’s flow smoothly correlates with the instrumentals, as his timing with rapping on the beat is perfect. In his last project, ‘Woo Forever’, Rah Swish had moments where he failed to rap on the instrumental, sounding like he was fighting with the beat. His flow is an improvement from his last mixtape. Also, through his lyricism in ‘Mayor of The Streets’, Rah Swish delivers snippets of storytelling and decent wordplay. His puns are evident in ‘Hashtag RS’. The Brooklyn rapper’s storytelling is an ability that he should develop for future projects because he can thrive on this talent. Additionally, Rah Swish should try new sounds, such as Trap, and RnB as he has the capabilities of doing so. Doing this will help his career grow as he will become versatile in his sound, lyrical content, and flow, which is what ‘Mayor of the Streets’ lacked.

Overall, Rah Swish provided a satisfactory mixtape for the drill fans to enjoy. Hopefully, he uses this experience to expand his music to another milestone as he can potentially go far.

Check out Rah Swish ‘Mayor of the Streets’ below.

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