NEW : Migos – Culture 3

When you’re talking about the best current rap groups, it’s impossible to overlook The Migos. After some time away, they have finally made their return with their brand new album ‘Culture 3’.

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The Migos have returned for the third instalment of their Culture series. ‘Culture 3’ has been highly anticipated as the popular rap trio hadn’t released a group project since 2018. Thankfully, that’s all changed, now let’s take a close look into what ‘Culture 3’ had to offer.

‘Culture 3’ is full of classic Migos lingo and adlibs. Although there aren’t many mind-blowing songs on it, there are many good ones that keep you engaged throughout the entire listening process. They try out some new things on tunes such as ‘Avalanche’ with jazzy production and a brilliant flip on the classic Temptations song ‘Papa was a rolling stone’ but also stay true to what made them popular with trap bangers. They mix well on massive collaborations with artists such as Drake, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, and Polo G, to name a few.

Quavo provides excellent hooks all over the album, along with some decent verses. Offset brings a lot of sauce with his lyrics and presence on tracks. However, it is Takeoff who steals the show on the album. His wordplay, flow, and amazing adlibs help breathe some greatness into ‘Culture 3’. The production across the entire album is outstanding. No beat sounds the same, and the Migos sound at home on them. Most of the features also contribute positively to the project and don’t just take up space.

Overall, ‘Culture 3’ is truly enjoyable to listen to. There are good songs that have a lot of replay value, and the sequencing across the album is good. The Migos create a certain energy that can’t be replicated by anyone else in the rap game, and that’s what makes them so unique.

Make sure you check out the Migos’s brand new album ‘Culture 3’. They’re finally back and have not disappointed.

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