Roddy Ricch – Late At Night

Roddy Ricch has dropped his new hot single ‘Late At Night’.

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The prominent Compton rapper, Roddy Ricch, has been consistent with his work rate this year. He’s been collaborating with the following artists Lil Wayne, 42 Dugg, and Birdman, dropping new music throughout 2021. Roddy Ricch has decided to treat his fans with a new single, ‘Late At Night’. ‘Late At Night’ may be the new anthem for those who are in loving relationships as Roddy sets a romantic ambience for ‘Late At Night’ where the subject matter consists of Roddy focusing on his relationship with his woman. The Compton rapper’s melodic flow and the instrumental wonderfully produced by Mustard formulates a beautiful, harmonious vibrancy for the fans to savour. Mustard construction of the instrumental with the drumset and piano in the background correlates flawlessly with Roddy’s euphonious vocals.

The famous Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ visuals inspired the music video for ‘Late At Night’. Director X superbly did well in executing the visuals, which showcase Roddy on the dance floor with his girl. Later on, he transforms into a werewolf and chases her out in the streets. Afterwards, his girlfriend wakes up, and the video ends with Roddy turning around, revealing his green eyes.

‘Late At Night’ was carried through perfectly with the instrumental, music video, and vocals, including lyrics. This song adds more excitement to the highly anticipated soon to be released album Roddy has been teasing his fans.

Check out Roddy Ricch ‘Late At Night’ below.

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