Sound of The Underground | Case Arnold

This month for our Sound of The Underground series, we’re looking at the very talented artist known as Case Arnold.

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This month we are going to take a look into the very talented Case Arnold. The Tennessee artist has a way with words and his unique voice that makes him stand out from the crowd. He can create deep introspective songs and tunes for you to chill out and vibe to. Case’s music is very easy to digest. He never overcomplicates things, even when he has a message to share with his audience. He is not just a rapper, he is a well-rounded musician. He can sing and play a few instruments, such as the guitar and piano. All of this has aided him in having a brilliant ear for production. As his beat selection throughout his career has been immaculate.

On his latest single, ‘Miseducated’ featuring The BlackSon, Case enters his mellow rap bag. In his verse, he even highlights the fact this is a go-to flow. Even if you’ve heard the flow before hearing it again is just as impactful as it was the first time around. He effortlessly switches up the melody for the hook, which will inevitably get you bouncing along to the song. The difference in both artist’s voices compliments each other very well. With the silky production of Gates, Case is truly in his element.

Case Arnold embodies everything a good musician should be. He takes time delivering his music to make sure everything is just right. He’s learned how to play various instruments to enhance his artistry levels and has mastered the ability to put words together in a way very few can. If you have not heard of Case Arnold before, it’s not too late to take him in now. You will not be left disappointed.

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