Ghetts – Hop Out/Fire & Brimstone

After releasing his critically acclaimed album ‘Conflict of Interest’, Ghetts followed up the buzz by dropping the visuals for ‘Hop Out/Fire & Brimstone’.

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It has been a massive year for the Newham rapper Ghetts. Early in 2021, Ghetts dropped his critically acclaimed album ‘Conflict of Interest’. Ghetts, throughout this body of work, rapped about his life involving the streets, his music career and other experiences he has witnessed. The Newham rapper has followed up his album by dropping music videos for various tracks that featured on ‘Conflict of Interest’. Ghetts has just released the visuals for ‘Hop Out’ and ‘Fire & Brimstone.

The first part of the music video is for ‘Hop Out’. The visuals directed by Jake Gabbay showcase Ghetts with a group of youngsters chilling on the estate. ‘Hop Out’ visuals are black and white, which corresponds with the song’s gloomy ambience. The instrumental produced by TenBillion Dreams brings forth a dark vibrancy for the tune. Ghetts matches that energy with his flow and lyricism, which highlights his criminal activities.

After the visuals for ‘Hop Out’ finish, ‘Fire & Brimstone begins. This part of the music video directed by Jomar O’Meally differs from ‘Hop Out’ as the aesthetics and energy manifested are happier and cheery. Ghetts is with the crew riding around with motorbikes in the fields.

Overall, these two songs were enjoyable to listen to on ‘Conflict of Interest’. The storytelling, wordplay and production on these tunes are captivating for the ear. The music video overall was phenomenally produced.

Check out Ghetts ‘Hop Out/Fire & Brimstone.

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