NEW: Trillary Banks – Chitty Bang Bang – Prod by Sammy Soso – Visuals by Joshua Griffiths

After her recent magnificent Fire In The Booth freestyle, Trillary Banks is back again with some new material for us.

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The wonderful Trillary Banks has released her brand new single titled ‘Chitty Bang Bang’. With outstanding visuals shot by Joshua Griffiths, Trillary is shown in classy settings while looking absolutely stunning. Trillary then proceeds to drop some chilling bars with great lines such as “Big boss Trilla in my new chinchilla, you already know she a fashion killer, slim thick figure, big sauce spiller, I just get iller and iller and iller.”

Her sound is different from almost every other MC in the UK right now. Her Jamaican accent makes everything she says sound twice as good. She goes in and out of it when she switches up her cadence in particular parts of the song. Trillary’s confident delivery holds your attention from the very beginning to the end of the tune. The boss energy she gives off is impossible to ignore. She’s front and centre at all times, and the camera is her best friend.

The beat provided by Sammy Soso has a fun bounce to it. Trillary and a few of her partners take advantage of this and showcase a few smooth dance moves while her scintillating lyrics go off in the background. It’s not easy to make a track that’s both fun but displays good rapping ability, but with ‘Chitty Bang Bang’ Trillary Banks has done just that.

Make sure you check out ‘Chitty Bang Bang’ here below at Pass The Aux. Trillary Banks truly is a one of a kind artist.

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