Streako – Time & Patience

Up and coming rapper Streako has released his new, hot song called ‘Time & Patience’.

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It took a lot of patience for the fans to wait for Streako to drop music. After listening to his certified Warm Up Sessions, music fans have been fiending for Streako to give them more tunes to enjoy. The rapper has finally released a new song called ‘Time & Patience’.

Throughout ‘Time & Patience’, Streako smoothly introduces the tune with a captivating hook where he asserts what he wants. However, it takes “Time & Patience” for it to come through. Later in the song, the rapper reveals how he wanted to quit rapping, but he decided to continue his career, which his friends encouraged him to do. Judging by this song alone, Streako giving up wouldn’t make sense as his talents will waste away. His lyricism in this song is enjoyable to hear with his wondrous flow, which correlates well with the soothing instrumental produced by CEE.

The visuals produced by IKE exhibits Streako by the bridge with his friends, enjoying one another’s company.

Overall, the song is fun to listen to due to the chilled, playful ambience Streako delivers for ‘Time & Patience’. Hopefully, the rapper continues to rely on his advice and focus on dropping music throughout the remainder of 2021. Streako has a lot to offer to the UK music scene.

Check out Streako ‘Time & Patience’ below.

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