NEW: Cam Thomas – Financial Times

Gifted Milton Keynes rapper Cam Thomas lets us into his mind with his new EP ‘Financial Times’.

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Talented emerging UK rapper Cam Thomas has released his new project titled ‘Financial Times’. The project starts with a skit where a correspondent gets into an altercation while reporting music-related news. Across the entire EP, you can find top tier soulful production that Cam expresses himself over wonderfully. Hearing Cam is a fresh of breath air on tracks such as ‘Financial Times’. His hunger seeps through with every lyric. You can feel how much every word genuinely means to him.

The sense of freedom Cam shows in the song ‘Identity Crisis’, is inspirational. Not only does he give you bars, but he also gives you raw realness energy that the listeners can relate to. On ‘Penny 4 Your Thoughts’ featuring Falenci, Cam drops nothing but gems about knowing your value in this world. Falenci drops an incredible verse bringing up great people in the culture such as Master P & Dame Dash in his goal to attain generational wealth.

Another standout track on this EP is ‘Til Proven Guilty’. Cam shares a heartfelt message on police brutality. This song is extremely moving, Cam paints a picture with his lyricism, and the outstanding production by BLISS gives him the perfect canvas to do so.

Cam fittingly rounds up the project with ‘Curtain Call’. He signs out in style, reflecting on his life and looking forward to his bright future. Listening to the ‘Financial Times’ EP was a very pleasing experience. Cam’s beat selection is spot on, and he shows the art of MCing is very much still alive. If you love rap music, take in this project, you will not regret it.

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