Potter Payper – Topshottas Freestyle

Barking rapper Potter Payper has recently announced that he signed with 0207 Def Jam. He has released his first song under his new contract called ‘Topshottas Freestyle’.

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History in the UK music scene has happened as Barking rapper Potter Payper dropped his song ‘Topshottas Freestyle’ after signing a record label deal with 0207 Def Jam. This contract agreement has led to Potter becoming the first UK rapper under 0207 Def Jam to release a music video. The visuals, wonderfully produced by Darnell Depredine, showcase a room full of workers sitting down handling money and CDs. While everyone is working, Potter Payper is rapping his verse in the scene. Darnell does well in using the camera angles to exhibit the Barking rapper as this dominant boss. Parts of the scenery reveal Potter Payper in front of the room, rapping towards his workers while they work and listen to his instructions. Also, the low angles in the visuals magnificently manifest Potter as a commanding figure, which smoothly correlates with the domineering, confident ambience he gives in the audio.

Before this release, Potter Payper dropped his critically acclaimed mixtape, ‘Training Day 3’. This work of art focused on the harsh reality of the criminalised street lifestyle, which involved selling drugs, violence and more. ‘Training Day 3’ highlighted Potter Payper as one of the best storytellers and lyricists in the UK music scene as his stories are authentic. Also, his lyricism was elite as he shared memorable lines evident in his clever wordplay. Potter Payper remains consistent in doing this with his new release ‘Topshottas Freestyle’.

Potter identifies himself as a top shotta because he is a real ‘G’, and no one can ‘G’ check him due to living the trap lifestyle, gaining the rewards from his deviants acts, such as women and money. Also, he has felt the negative consequences of the streets as he states, “Don’t mix with them boys, that’s what your mother said (Don’t do it),Now you’re knee deep in it and your brother’s dead (Pissed)”. Also, he mentions he’s not worried about his foes because he doesn’t rate them and isn’t afraid to result in violence if necessary. Potter’s bold, assertive flow compliments his bars, including his wordplay, because his energy is captivating and contagious, plus his confident nature convinces you that the mini accounts he shares about his lifestyle are true.

Chucks produced the instrumental for ‘Topshottas Freestyle’, which used a trap type beat. Chucks did well constructing the instrumental, which is unambiguous in the beat’s tempo because it enables Potter to flow comfortably with his fast rapping and loud energy. Altogether this packaged an exuberant, booming song for the fans to relish.

The sky is the limit for Potter Payper as he continues to make strides in the UK music scene. Potter Payper becoming a member of 0207 Def Jam isn’t a surprise due to the consistency he has shown in delivering high-quality music. Also, shout out to Darnell Depradine and Chucks for being involved with this historical moment as they excellently presented their talents for ‘Topshottas Freestyle’.

Check out ‘Topshottas Freestyle’ below.

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