The FaNaTix – These Streets (Don’t Luv U) featuring M1llionz and Popcaan

The FaNaTix pulls off a huge link up between prominent artists Popcaan and M1llionz. Their collaboration gifts the music scene a cold tune to enjoy for the summer season.

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Once again, The FaNaTix has delivered for the music scene by pulling off an enormous link up, which involves Jamaican Dancehall artist Popcaan and Brum rapper M1llionz. 

The three artists linked up to drop ‘These Streets (Don’t Luv U)’. ‘These Streets (Don’t Luv U)’ is based in Jamaica. Jamaica is the homeland of Popcaan and M1llionz’s background. Video director RD Studios wonderfully produced the crystal clear visuals. ‘These Streets (Don’t Luv U)’ showcase a young lady luring this man in the gritty streets of Kingston, Jamaica. 

Focusing on the audio, The FaNaTix sampled the legendary reggae song ‘These Streets’ by Tanya Stephens. The FaNaTix done well fusing this sample with a UK Drill beat, which formulated a dynamic ambience for the tune. M1llionz and Popcaan did well in equaling this energy with their different musical styles. The Brum rapper relies on his drill flow, whereas the Unruly Dancehall artist brings forth his melodic rhythm. Both musicians in their lyrics dwell on the lack of trust in the streets, which involves people playing both sides, and untrustworthy girls. Both their verses correlate well with the sampled vocals ‘These streets don’t love you’ as it sets the general topic of the song. 

The energy between M1llionz and Popcaan in this tune is captivating as it draws you in to enjoy their vibrancy and lyrics. Hopefully, there is more collaboration between these two phenomenal artists. Also, praise to The FaNaTix for delivering this huge link-up. ‘These Streets (Don’t Luv U)’ is sure going to make noise throughout the summer in the UK and Jamaica. Hopefully, The FaNaTix has more surprises for us music fans in the future. 

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