NEW: MKFRAY- BOYEGA – Visuals by Kirx Diaz

MKFRAY makes a huge statement with his debut single ‘BOYEGA’.

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MKFRAY has released visuals for his highly anticipated debut single ‘BOYEGA’. During the Black Lives Matter movement last year, talented actor John Boyega was on the front lines talking at protests and using his platform to speak up for those who couldn’t. This has inspired a generation of young black people to stand up for what they believe in and has made him a role model for many young black men.

MKFRAY being inspired by him has led to him dropping his first single and making a big impression on the UK music scene. He pays homage to John Boyega with a brilliantly catchy hook and has fun with the rest of his verses.

The visuals shot by director Kirx Diaz show MKFRAY at a Black Lives Matter rally mirroring John Boyega. He then lets the flavour in the song take over and take him to a party setting where everyone’s dancing and having fun there’s a real sense of freedom there. The replay value of this song is extremely high, and MKFRAY has shown right out the gates he’s capable of making an undeniable banger.

So make sure you check out MKFRAY’s brand new single ‘BOYEGA’ below.

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