NEW: Jorja Smith – Gone – Prod by Rahki – Visuals By Erin Corrian-Alexis

With a brand new EP on the way, Jorja Smith taps in with her brand new single ‘Gone’.

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Brilliant R&B artist Jorja Smith recently announced that she’s dropping a new project called ‘Be Right Back’ on the 14th of May. In the meantime, she has released a brand new single off the project to hold fans down until the full body of work comes out.

In her new song titled ‘Gone’, Jorja soothingly sings some deep, insightful lyrics that really make you think. Her words move you like no other as you find yourself relating to some of the topics she brings up. When she sings the words “ Long ago’s, where’d they go? No one knows. Tell me what to do when the ones you love have gone missing.” You can’t help but think about all the people you have loved in your life that for whatever reason, aren’t around anymore. When Jorja sings, she can make you feel like she is directly singing to only you. Only the best artists have that attribute, and that’s why Jorja is one of the most talented artists to come out of the UK for a long time.

The light piano keys mixed in with the beat and Jorja’s angelic voice make ‘Gone’ a song you want to stay and play on forever. The excellent visuals shot by Erin Corrian-Alexis show Jorja strolling around late at night as if she’s contemplating where things went wrong. Everything about ‘Gone’ feels so personal to Jorja yet is still so relatable for the audience. This truly is a magnificent song from an exceptional artist.

Check out Jorja Smith’s new single ‘Gone’ below here at Pass The Aux.

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