Tee Grizzley & G Herbo – Never Bend Never Fold

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Chicago’s prominent rapper G Herbo joins forces with notable Memphis rapper Tee Grizzley to drop ‘Never Bend Never Fold’. While listening to this song, it’s hard to believe that this is their first collaboration. The chemistry between the two is evident as they smoothly go back forth with each other in rapping their lyrics. The back and forth energy bring forth a jumpy, quick pace vibrancy for this song. Their flows prevent ‘Never Bend Never Fold’ from slowing down in its tempo. The instrumental Chopsquad DJ formulated correlated well with this energy as it contributes to the speediness of the track. Also, the connection between the instrumental and their flows created a menacing, belligerent sound, which engages perfectly with both rappers’ lyrics. 

In their separate verses, they characterise themselves as these men that should be feared when it comes to the streets. Their lines reflect their savage nature as G Herbo mentions, “Think a n**** drunk, I put that .40 to his ribs (Baow)”, showing no mercy for whoever crosses them. Additionally, both rappers’ flows compliment their bars. The confidence in G Herbo and Tee Grizzley’s rapping convinces you that they’re really about that life and not faking it. 

After listening to ‘Never Bend Never Fold’, there have to be more collaborations in the future. The connection between the two was crazy, as their bond fused an enjoyable vibe throughout the song. Hopefully, the duo has more tunes installed for the future. 

Check out ‘Never Bend Never Fold’ below. 

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