NEW: TSB – Jagged Edge ft Unknown T & M1llionz- Prod by TSB – Visuals by Femi Ladi

Gifted producer turned artist TSB releases his debut single with a couple of familiar faces…

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TSB is a man of many talents. As a producer, he’s worked with some of the most talented artists in the UK. However, he’s now ready to step out as an artist himself, and the self-taught musician has now dropped his debut single titled ‘Jagged Edge’. With heavyweight features such as Unknown T & M1llionz, TSB has come out of the gates swinging.

‘Jagged Edge’ has a very calming feel to it. The sampling of Jagged Edge’s classic ‘Walked Outta Heaven’ song is done exceptionally by TSB and allows M1llionz to float over the beat with his unique flow. M1llionz starts off the tune conversating with a girl he cheated on. He tries to explain to her why he is the way he is, as he opens up a bit to show her his world in the hope that she will understand him better.

Unknown T then comes with a different cadence to switch up the energy in the song a little bit. He plays off the song name ‘Jagged Edge’ in relation to the legendary R&B group and raps the lyrics “ I was swinging my Jagged edge at the opps same day I came back to you”. It’s lines like this that have made Unknown T so popular in the UK rap scene. It’s nice to see him also try new sounds as it’s imperative to grow as an artist, or you will get left behind.

The visuals shot by Femi Ladi are absolutely brilliant. All artists are suited up in the club looking fresh and with a beautiful lady by their side. There are nice camera shots mixed in the video, which have vintage camera lens effects. TSB beautifully outro’s the song with him playing the Jagged Edge ‘Walked Outta Heaven’ keys on the piano with Unknown T spitting some bars to it. Overall, everything about the video and song is sharp. ‘Jagged Edge’ will live long in the memory of UK Rap fans.

Make sure you check out TSB’s debut single ‘Jagged Edge’ below here at Pass The Aux.

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