ToluShorts – Hold Up (Featuring Deuce Lumiere, Chef Grizzy, V1NE, and Eerf Evil) Video Director: Sebdegni

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Aspiring music producer ToluShorts has recently dropped his song called ‘Hold Up’. ‘Hold Up’ features four talented rappers, Deuce Lumiere, Chef Grizzy, V1NE, and Eerf Evil. The overall song is absolute fire mainly because of the dynamic ambience all artists bring to ‘Hold Up’. ToluShorts magnificently produced the instrumental for the song, which brought forth electrifying energy. The four rappers did well in meeting this energy with their separate artistic styles. Overall the song’s vibrancy is contagious as it makes you want to turn up yourself. Video director Sebdegni wonderfully produced the visuals for ‘Hold Up’ as he did well in capturing the rappers’ vibes. The video showcases them rapping their verses in the streets, turning up with each other and enjoying one another’s company.

The song starts with Deuce Lumiere introducing the vibe with a captivating hook. Chef Grizzy follows the chorus with his verse. Chef Grizzy differentiates from the others because his sound relies on his deep voice. This approach he uses draws you into hearing his great lines mainly because it’s unique, which makes it intriguing to hear. V1NE smoothly follows with his bars. His lyrics are memorable due to the top-notch lyricism he displays in his verse, which is evident in the wordplay he shares throughout. Deuce Lumiere repeats the hook and raps his lines. Deuce comes good with his lit flow, which is infectiousness as it draws you into his lyrics and atmosphere. Eerf Evil finishes the song on a high note with his sick verse.

Overall all four rappers delivered strong with their performances in ‘Hold Up’. This song reveals the talent all five musicians have to share in the UK music scene. The lyricism, instrumental, and flow delivery met high standards. Hopefully, we get the chance to hear more music from them later in the year.

Check out ‘Hold Up’ below.

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